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Cognomi Italiani

Every family one surname...
Every surname one story.
Araldis... and your story 
goes on!

Visit our Data base with 607985 european last names and e-mail of italian people in the world
Have you ever wondered
who your ancestors were? And what they have done?

After seven long years of research and boring transcription and classification of all European’s historical archives, we are able today, with  computers and internet’s assistance, to carry out, in a very short time, a historical-heraldic research, just starting from your surname’s origins.

“Araldis Europe” perform, within 48 hours, professional and meticulous heraldic research consisting in a collection of famous characters’ anecdotes and events and their deeds (if existing), starting from year 1000 up until now).

Delivery Methods:

by standard e-mail message (in this case, it is a normal text file)
by e-mail with a “file attachment” (in this case, it is a formatted MS-WORD file with ancient manuscripts or possible armorial bearings’ images, as an attachment.

Service Price:

  • Standard Research (realisation time: 4 days)  179.00 EUR
  • Dept Professional Research (realisation time: around  4 weeks)  399.00
  • EUR
    Dept professional research consists in the complete list, exact dates, detailed reference (archives permitting), of all famous characters which bore the requested surname, etymology of surname itself, and frequently, photocopies of ancient manuscripts perhaps found in monasteries or among the old baptism’s certificate (if existing), that testify, unequivocally, the final document’s authenticity. Following are two examples which describe (better than words) the work carried out by our team.
  • Example of Standard Research
  • Example of Professional Research


    Delivery Time: 

  • Standard Research (realisation time: 36 hours) Click here
  • Dept Professional Research (realisation time: around  2 - 4 weeks) Click here

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